Booking Conditions

How it works


Wycombe Road, Studley Green, High Wycombe, Bucks HP14 3UY

Checklist for Regular Hirers

1. Please ensure that the floors are left in good condition (ready for the next user). Sweep, mop or hoover the floor/carpet to remove any crumbs, etc. (Cleaning equipment can be found in the utility room)

2. Make sure tables are clean before being put away, and put any tables and chairs back where you found them. (20 x Tables in the trolley and chairs stacked in 8’s)

3. Check that all taps in the lavatories and kitchen are turned off. Make sure the lavatories are clean, that the refrigerator is empty and clean if you have used it, and any cups, plates, etc. that you have used are washed, dried and put away. If you use the hot water boiler in the kitchen, please make sure you turn it off.

4. Use the bin bags provided to take excess rubbish generated by your hiring away with you. Please place recycling; plastic bottles, tin cans, glass bottles, either in the black bins in the kitchen or in the Blue wheelie bin outside the kitchen door. We have limited space for cardboard and paper, so please take this away with you.

5. When you leave, check that all fire doors, bar and kitchen hatches are closed and that the external doors are shut properly and that windows are also shut.

6. Switch off all lights, including the lights in the toilets, set the alarm, exit and lock the door.

7. Please give at least 7 days notice if you do not require the hall, including for any half term dates, during a quarter term. Failure to do so means you will be charged your normal rate.

Emergency Procedure and other things to note:

➢ In the event of a fire please exit the building via the closest and safest fire exit. Head towards and meet at the fire assembly point, located by the large green container at the top of the playing field. Make sure everyone is accounted for. Call 999 to report the fire.

➢ For any first aid issues, the first aid box is located in the kitchen. Please use the accident book to report any incidents.

➢ Under no circumstances can the Committee be held responsible for any accidents that occur during the period of the hiring, as this is the hirers responsibility.

➢ The Committee reserves the right to enter the building during any function/meeting without notice or giving a reason.

➢ From time to time ad hoc maintenance may need to be carried out. The Committee will do their utmost to organise for the works to be carried out when the hall is not in use. However, from time to time this is out of our control. Therefore, we reserve the right to give access for these works to happen. The Committee will try to give notice.

➢ Under no circumstances will the Committee accept responsibility for the loss of or damage to privately owned items left on the premises or in the car park.

➢ If you would like to store tea/coffee/biscuits and other small items, and do not currently have a permanent storage cupboard, please let Sue Wilkins know and we can arrange storage for you. Please do not leave items anywhere in the centre without prior agreement as these will be removed.

➢ Access must be granted to all members of the Emergency Services whilst they are acting in pursuit of their lawful duties.

➢ Clear access in the car park, should be left for Emergency Services at all times.

The Committee thank you for your cooperation